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Helga - the continuing story

HELGA The Continuing Story

by Helga Gerhardi
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By popular demand Helga continues her story. It gives a condensed version of her first book with added happenings and describes her life under Hitler, her flight from the Russians and how cruelly the population who were left behind in Königsberg were treated by the Red Army.

The family returned to their homeland, Switzerland, with great hopes which were soon shattered. Neutral Switzerland had not much compassion for the poor returning emigrants. Helga had to forget her medical studies, there was no money. She took a course in commerce, worked as a secretary in a Hotel, met her future husband under very romantic circumstances, and left Switzerland.

More struggles followed when she discovered that the eldest of her two sons was handicapped. This was a new challenge. Alone, without parents or friends and coping with a new language, she succeeded in finding qualified people to advise and help her with her son. She persevered against all odds, ensured him a good education and helped him through the several stages of treatment. Encouraged by her caring husband, Helga studied again at the age of forty and became a teacher, although dogged by serious back trouble, which was eventually corrected by an operation.


Imprint: Virona Publishing; ISBN-10: 0-9521933-1-0; ISBN-13 978-0-9521933-1-9
EAN 9780952193319 On Sale: 05/07/95; Format: Paperback; Subformat: ; Length: ; Trimsize: 7 7/8 x 5; Pages: 448; £7.99