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Hear Helga's Radio interviews again.

Helga gave several radio interviews giving an insight into her adventures. Hear these chilling accounts again now in MP3 format.

 Helga at Radio Station

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All the broadcasts (including distorted ones) are listed with their times. The total time is 8:09:38 hh:mm:ss, so to help you, the bold titles have been choosen by Helga as Good Radio Interviews but my favourites are LBC. and GMR for " Helga" or 1170 for the "Continuing Story."

playListen to what "Charles" thought (44 secs) of the first broadcast.

Click on the playsymbol to start playing the mp3 recording - remember to press the play button as soon as Media Player appears. Note that you may have to move the time slider back along to the left in Windows Media Player as sometimes the sound cuts out before media player has had a chance to download the whole recording (which can be annoying if you don't know why!). Enjoy!

To view radio station's web site, click on name or go to Radio-now's site for more information.

 Date  Broadcast  Time | Interviewer
 1993 Helga - (was £6.99 now £11.50)
Br 06-10
FOX fm Oxford 03:21 | Jackie Leonard
 play06-10 BBC - Oxford 24:45 | Mary Small
 play12-10 BBC - 3 Counties 14:11 | George
 play02-11 BBC Berkshire 11:51 | Rosalind Renshaw
 play27-01 South Coast Radio 18:12 | Sarah Whitbread
 play02-02 Wey Valley FM 102 12:37 | Mrs Val French
 play02-02 Wey Valley FM 102 10:41 | Mrs Val French
 play11-02 Severn Sound 15:43 | Tony Wickham
 play03-03 BBC Leicester 09:41 | John Florence
 play25-03 Radio Borders 00:00 | Alex Boyd
 play13-04 Elevenseventy AM 12:59 | Melinder Lawler
 play19-04 BBC Southern Counties 28:04 | Stewart McIntosh
 play25-04 BBC Norwich 15:30 | Keith Skipper
 play29-04 BBC York 17:14 | Elly Fiorentini
Br 25-05
BBC GMR 26:00 | Tony Shaeffer
 play13-05 BBC Solent 09:08 | Sandy Jones
 play18-05 BBC Nottingham 20:00 | Denis McCarthy
 play25-05 BBC North FM 19:36 | Bob Roberts
 play26-05 BBC Merseyside 07:15 | Roger Philips
 play03-06 LBC 40:22 | Steve Allen
Br 03-07
Mix 96 05:39 | Joanne Coburn
 play06-07 BBC Devon 00:00 | John Reynolds
 play05-08 BBC West Midland 08:33 | Ed Doolan
 play09:08 BBC Cornwall 08:59 | Chris Blount
  1995 Helga - The Continuing Story
 play11-10 BBC - Oxford 24:45 | Mary Small
 play03-10 FOX fm Oxford 00:00 |
 play12-10 BBC - 3 Counties 00:00 |
 play16-10 BBC Leicester 25:06 | Martin Ballard
 play23-10 BBC Merseyside 07:57 | Roger Philips
 play24-10 Elevenseventy AM 06:26 | Karen Hoc
 play24-10 Elevenseventy AM 09:53 | Sandra
 play24-10 Mix 96 00:44 | Advert for Dillons
 play25-10 BBC Sheffield 23:01 | Ronny & Steph
 play30-10 BBC West Midland 12:50 | Ed Doolan talked to people on the phone.
 play01-11 BBC Nottingham 32:50 | Denis McCarthy
 play12-11 BBC Southern Counties 21:19 | Joanne Good
 play11-12 BBC GMR 11:10 | Allen Beswick